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Building Description

Constructed in 1916-17, the Former Princes Bridge Lecture Room is the only remaining purpose-built educational facility constructed by the Victorian Railways Department within the City of Melbourne. Designed for the practical training of railway employees in preparation for the electrification of the railway network, the building remains highly intact to clearly demonstrate this uncommon building type in the City of Melbourne. The building continued to play an important educational role for railway employees until at least the 1970s.

In 1999, as part of the City of Melbourne’s development plan of Birrarung Marr, the Former Princes Bridge Lecture Room was repurposed as an arts facility for children. In 2004, ArtPlay opened its bright orange doors.

ArtPlay brings together children and artists to explore and create innovative arts experiences that encourage self-expression and playful exchange.

The only remaining riverfront railway building

What's On

Paper and Tape Escape by Polyglot Theatre

Paper and Tape Escape demonstrates the endless possibilities for creativity and play with simple materials. Polyglot artists take children through a range of techniques for bringing creations to life with paper and tape. Participants will also explore creating environments, costumes and headwear in this playful workshop.

This video workshop is approximately 20 minutes, and is captioned.

Materials participants require
Paper (scrap, newspaper, wrapping paper – anything you can find in the recycle bin), tape, and your imagination!


Images: (1-4) ArtPlay, Courtesy City of Melbourne, (5-6) Paper and Tape Escape, Photographer: Ai Ueda

Important Details

Time & Date

Saturday 24th + Sunday 25th July

Explore the building virtually for Open House Melbourne, scroll below.

Polyglot artists take children through a range of techniques for bringing creations to life with paper and tape. Video link will be active throughout the course of the Open House Melbourne.


Birrarung Marr, Russell Street Exit, Melbourne 3000


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