Bio21 Institute, David Penington and Nancy Millis Building

Architect: DesignInc, 2015 and 2018

City of Melbourne | C05

Building Description

The Bio21 Institute is a molecular science and biotechnology institute. It is a community of brilliant scientists, equipped with the most cutting-edge instrumentation, working together to improve human health and the environment through innovation in biotechnology and molecular sciences, driven by multidisciplinary research and dynamic interactions with industry. The Bio21 Institute was built with collaboration in mind. The architects built bridges across the atrium with break-out spaces to meet and chat. The Institute is home to groups across the three STEMM faculties of the University of Melbourne (Science; Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences and the Melbourne School of Engineering). The Bio21 community also includes industry members, CSL Ltd, Alterity Pharmaceuticals, Circa Group, Rhythm Biosciences, SYNthesis Research & Med Chem and First Biotech. The Bio21 research environment consists of well-resourced platform technology facilities that house powerful research instruments. Some of our facilities represent the largest of their kind in Australia, with cutting edge instruments and led by highly regarded national experts in their respective technologies, including Magnetic Resonance, Advanced Microscopy, Protein Characterisation and The Margaret Sheil laboratories in the Nancy Millis building house the Melbourne Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics platform and Metabolomics Australia platform.

What's On

Learn about the research taking place at the Institute, meet scientists and visit the platform technology facilities and research labs.


30 Flemington Road, Parkville 3052, Parkville VIC

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