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Ornately stencilled and decorated walls and ceiling of the front end of a church interior. Known as a sanctuary it is elevated above the nave on a platform  of marble stairs. On the platform is the altar. A series of elevated narrow arched windows wraps this end of the building.
The western facade of the church is traditional bluestone structure with arched entry and a spire.
The nave is the main area of the church showing rows of timber pews for the congregation. The pews are divided in two halves by a red carpeted aisle. The ceiling is arched and supported by columns.
Image of the chancel which contains the choir, and the sanctuary with historic gasoliers. The walls and ceiling of the sanctuary are ornately stencilled and decorated. The ceiling arches and rib-like structure are highly evident.

All Saints Church

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Nathaniel Billing 1857, Frederick Wyatt 1873


Made of imposing bluestone, All Saints' Church is the largest and one of the most decorated churches in Melbourne. Construction commenced in 1858 and continued over three principal phases concluding in 1892. Throughout its life, the church has added to its extensive decorative scheme.

Highlights include its detailed stencil work; a significant collection of 18th- and 19th-century French and Italian copies of the Old Masters; a large and exquisitely carved memorial screen; a pair of imposing gas lamps from St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the UK; a 19th-century Venetian mosaic; and a life-size Crucifixion scene, the only work in Australia by English Arts and Crafts sculptor Alec Miller. The façade of the church is currently undergoing major stonework restoration.

What's On

Visitors will be able to wander freely through the space with an informative printed guide. Volunteers will be on hand to accompany individuals or small groups through the space.

Images: (1) Sanctuary. Photo: David Mullins. (2) West façade. Photo: David Mullins. (3) Nave. Photo: David Mullins. (4) Chancel. Photo: courtesy of All Saints' Church. (5) Gasoliers from St George's Chapel, Windsor. Photo: courtesy of All Saints' Church. (6) Nave. Photo: courtesy of All Saints' Church. (7) North transept. Photo: Greg Sobey. (8) Sanctuary. Photo: David Mullins.

Important Details

Time & Date

Saturday 27 July
Open access 10am-5pm

Sunday 28 July
Open access 12pm-5pm

No bookings required

Visitors may access the building freely through the main entrance.


Partially wheelchair accessible, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking nearby

The majority of the site is wheelchair accessible from street level.


2 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3182

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