Aerial view of Nightingale Village in Brunswick, overlooking a distant Melbourne skyline at dusk. The residential area features multi-story buildings which are pink, green, white, yellow and grey.
Children playing on a colourful playground with wooden structures and modern buildings in the background on a sunny day.
A group of people sitting on top of a grassy area outside a green, yellow, white and orange brick residential building.
A ten storey residential building made of brick and covered in greenery. The sky is blue and the building is surrounded with trees.
An aerial view of the Nightingale village residential building. The sky is blue and the buildings are multi-story  with forest green and white with yellow accents. There are people on the rooftop.
An aerial view of the Nightingale village residential building. The sun is setting and the buildings are multi-story with forest green and white with yellow accents. Melbourne city is in the horizon and the building is surrounded by trees.
A newly built modern restaurant with customers sitting down with coffees, their laptops and amongst each other. The café has a white exterior with light wood flooring. The sky is blue and the building is surrounded with bushes.
People are walking and cycling on concrete towards a multistorey building that is built of corregated metal, light brick and covered in greenery. There are parked bicycles outside the building and the sky is clear blue.
A silo in an urban enviornment with a view of the horizon surrounding it. Painted on the large silo is an image of a woman (Jacinda Ardern) hugging another woman. They are both wearing hijhabs. There is a train and train track next to the silo.
People walking under a treelined sidewalk under a bridge. Under the bridge is a grassy area. The bridge is grey and yellow.
Map of Hansen’s Open House Melbourne Tour. There are 9 locations. The map focuses on one area of brunswick and is charcoal grey and white. The Hansen logo is on the top right.
Interior aerial shot of a café where people are ordering and walking around. The café features concrete floors, light wood and greenery throughout.

Anstey Village Case Study: Through a Planner’s Lens

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Nightingale Housing and Hansen Partnership (project team). Breathe Architecture, Architecture Architecture, Austin Maynard Architects, Clare Cousins Architects, Hayball, Kennedy Nolan, WOWOWA and Cox Architects (architecture).


The Anstey Urban Village combines good public transport, award-winning and interesting development projects, parks and coffee stops—all within a convenient walking distance.

The Anstey Urban Village walking tour will highlight nine sites that have each contributed to the urban renewal of one of Melbourne’s most thriving mixed-use precincts. The format will provide an opportunity to listen and gain information on what makes Anstey Urban Village a success through a planning lens.

What's On

Join us for a town planning walking tour of the Anstey Urban Village in Brunswick. Together, we will explore the urban renewal of this precinct through its strategic planning, key infrastructure moves, upgraded public areas and green spaces. During the guided tour, we will also share knowledge on the role of built form exemplars such as those by Nightingale Housing, and developments that make for a successful and vibrant neighbourhood.
Join Damian Iles, Town Planning Director of Hansen Partnership, as he shares his insights into the projects from Nightingale Housing, Merri-bek City Council and others that have shaped this neighbourhood. Having been responsible for the delivery of a number of projects within the precinct over the last decade, Damian can provide a clear context for what moves have worked and what remains to be done.

Children's Activities

The tour will stop by Bulleke-bek Park on West St, Brunswick, which has a range of children's play equipment, but otherwise may not be suitable for children.

In Collaboration With:

  • Damian Iles

    Damian Iles, Director of Urban Planning at Hansen Partnership, is a town planner with 25 years' experience in the public and private sector. His passion lies in innovative housing models emphasising community, affordability, and climate resilience and his track record includes projects for non-profit organisations like Nightingale Housing, Launch Housing, and Housing Choices Australia.

Images: (1) Nightingale Village, Brunswick. Photo: Kate Longley, Tom Ross. (2) Bulleke-Bek Playground, Brunswick. Photo: Kate Longley. (3) Bulleke-Bek Park, Brunswick. Photo: Kate Longley. (4) 10 Ballarat Street, Brunswick. Photo: Cox Architecture. (5) Nightingale Village, Brunswick. Photo: Kate Longley, Tom Ross. (6) Nightingale Village, Brunswick. Photo: Kate Longley, Tom Ross. (7) ONA Coffee, Brunswick. Photo: Tom Ross. (8) The Commons, Brunswick. Photo: Tom Ross. (9) Tinning Street Silo, Brunswick. Photo: Joe Armao. (10) Upfield Railway Line, Brunswick. Photo: Wood Marsh Architecture. (11) Anstey Village tour map. Photo: Hansen Partnership. (12) ONA Coffee, Brunswick. Photo: Tom Ross.

Important Details

Time & Date

Saturday 27 July
Tours run 10.30am + 2.30pm
Running for 60 minutes in groups of 20

Bookings required—$7 booking fee applies
First release tickets: 12pm Wednesday 3 July
Second release tickets: 12pm Saturday 6 July

Meet at Anstey Station Platform on the inbound side (east side of the railway).

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Partially wheelchair accessible

There will be some areas of incline and uneven ground.


Anstey Village (Albion St/Anstey Station), Brunswick VIC 3056

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