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The image shows a dark grey building with 5 colourful shapes as a sign on the front with the Artbank logo displayed on the door
This image shows a large room with a cement floor and white walls. A metal art rack is at the back of the room with 6 artworks hanging on it. There are tv screens on the side walls, a plinth with 5 blue and black ceramic objects in the middle of the room
This image shows a dark room with an art collection rack in one half. Artworks are stored vertically in a line
This image shows a woman pulling out a green and brown artwork on a large metal rack. There is a green painting in the background
The image shows a person looking at a large black shelving unit filled with various small artwork sculptures. It is part of the Artbank Collection.

Artbank Collection Store

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Edition Office 2018


Located in Collingwood, the heart of Victoria’s creative precinct, Artbank’s Melbourne office and showroom provides a space for client and sector engagement, collaboration and creativity under one very tall roof.

Artbank worked with award-winning local architecture studio Edition Office to fit-out the warehouse, designing a functional racking system to be viewed as a sculptural object central to the space.

What's On

Artbank will open up our collection store to the public for a special behind-the-scenes view of this incredible purpose-built collection space, usually only reserved for back of house staff.

Learn about the Artbank Collection, artist support program and art leasing initiative that has been running for over 40 years. As part of this special Open House event, visitors can explore over 1400 artworks collected across Artbank’s 44 years of operation, all available through Artbank’s unique art leasing initiative. Pull out racks, peer into the sculpture store and wander through the visible storage space to discover new favourite artworks from this amazing collection of Australian contemporary art. The Artbank team will be on hand to tell you about the artworks and show you around the collection.

Images: (1) Artbank Melbourne by Edition Office. Photo: Ben Hoskings. (2) Artbank Melbourne. Photo: Christian Capurro. (3) Artbank Melbourne by Edition Office. Photo: Ben Hoskings. (4) Artbank Melbourne featuring Robert Pengilley, 'Bredbo - Sunlit Rockpool,' 1981, and David Serisier, 'Untitled Green Fluorescent Light,' 2012. Photo: Nicole England Photography. (5) Artbank Melbourne collection store. Photo: Nicole England Photography.

Important Details

Time & Date

Saturday 27 July
Open access 10am-2pm
Bookings not required. Capacity is limited to 30 and operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meet at Down St entrance. No food or drink allowed inside. Bags to be held at side whilst browsing racks


Fully wheelchair accessible, Accessible bathroom

Wheelchair accessible via loading dock entrance. No steps throughout the building.


18-24 Down St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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