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What to expect at BigPlans, the floorplan is projected at scale on the floor with real furniture placed accordingly. People are standing and walking around the projected apartment.
Render of the four different Future Homes designs
Render of the four different Future Homes designs
Render of the four different Future Homes designs
Render of the four different Future Homes designs
A Future Homes Apartment Plan example.

Future Homes: Better Apartments, Better Homes hosted at Big Plans Melbourne

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Department of Transport and Planning and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect


The Future Homes project delivers healthy apartments at a gentle density. Architecturally-designed plans were selected through a design competition process and further developed with specialist consultant input. The resultant designs promote sustainability, liveability, family-friendly features, and considerations for ageing-in-place.

What's On

Since our 2023 Open House event, the Future Homes program has expanded state-wide, increasing eligibility across thousands more sites to build sustainable low-density apartment buildings.

This Open House event will include a guided tour through life-sized plans, providing insight into the evolution of the designs, including the approach to landscape architecture, sustainability, accessibility, and other key features.

Our program will give attendees the ability to experience the floor plans of the Future Homes exemplar designs at 1:1 scale, guided by architects from the Office of Victorian Government Architects (OVGA) on their unique architectural, sustainable, and accessible features.

The event will showcase how low-scale apartments can provide better homes for residents, neighbours, and the environment. The audience will also hear about apartment design in general, learning about the design elements to be mindful of when choosing an apartment.

Children's Activities

There will be a children’s colouring-in station

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Images: (1) What to expect at BigPlans. (2-5) Renders of Future Homes designs. (6) Future Homes Apartment Plan example. All images: courtesy of OVGA.

Important Details

Time & Date

Sunday 28 July
Tours run 11am, 12.15pm + 1.30pm
Running for 45 minutes in groups of 70

Bookings required—$7 booking fee applies
First release tickets: 12pm Wednesday 3 July
Second release tickets: 12pm Saturday 6 July

Meet at the front of Big Plans for ticketing before being admitted to a waiting room prior to the tour.



Fully wheelchair accessible, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking nearby, Sensory friendly


109 Munster Tce, North Melbourne VIC 3051

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