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Raised timber treehouses are connected by bridges that are encased in rope netting. The treehouse playground is raised atop a series of dark green columns, with walkways circulating the space below. There are large mature trees in the background.
Colourful playground with two tall rectilinear structures to the right, with colourful patterned panels, a bridge connecting them and a slide coming out of one side. Trees in the background, a blue flooring with a concrete walkway running through. A pyramidal rope play structure sits to the left with a child climbing inside it.
Children playing on a playground that is made of timber columns connected by ropes. There are trees in the background and rocks and a bark ground in the foreground.
Children climbing a playground which consists of large rocks with various climbing accessories attached such as rope and hand grips. A large green tree shades the playground.
A tall timber pyramidal structure sits to the left, with a silver slide running through it and children and parents playing. The playground floor is sand, with stone groundwork in the foreground. An expansive grass oval is in the background.

Play! in the City

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City Design Studio and key project collaborators.


The City of Melbourne’s play spaces are informed by contemporary design research and practice. They provide unique opportunities for children of all ages and abilities to experiment, learn and develop in innovative and engaging settings.

Set within some of Melbourne’s best parks and reserves, each City of Melbourne play space nurtures a strong connection to its unique location and plays an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing of Melburnians.

What's On

We invite you to explore Melbourne's most unique play spaces across the city!

This self-guided tour introduces visitors to some of the best play spaces across the City of Melbourne, including Rocks on Wheels on Southbank Boulevard, Royal Park Nature Play and Lincoln Square playground.

Visitors can download or collect a map to explore the beloved and award-winning play spaces.

Children's Activities

Play spaces play an integral role in children's development, and each play space listed in the map provides a unique opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to experiment, learn and of course, play!

Images: (1) Lincoln Square playground. Photo: Andrew Lloyd. (2) JJ Holland Park. Photo: Andrew Lloyd. (3) Natureplay at Royal Park. Photo: Andrew Lloyd. (4) Rocks on Wheels. Photo: Dianna Snape. (5) Ron Barassi Snr Park. Photo: Andrew Lloyd

Important Details

Time & Date

Saturday 27 + Sunday 28 July
Open access 9am-5pm

Collect self-guided tour maps at the Open House Melbourne Info Hub outside Melbourne Town Hall.


Partially wheelchair accessible

Some areas of incline and uneven ground. Please be aware there may be building or road works.


Collect from Open House Melbourne Info Hub outside Melbourne Town Hall, 90-120 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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