Russian House facade facing Gore Street (Fitzroy)
Picture showing architectural style of the lower story windows of the Russian House
A piano in the lower floor hall
Young Guard members cooking traditional pre-lent food for their guests at the Maslenitsa Festival
Giant Matryoshka Dolls painted in traditional and avant-guarde styles, installed in front of the Russian House during the Maslenitsa Festival
A Young Guard member portraying a Melbourne based artist Danila Vassiliev who had Russian descend and made a significant impact on the Australian artist community of the 1st half of the XXth century - the 60th Russian House Anniversary Historical Exhibition
A Young Guard member with a traditional Russian musical instrument - the 60th Russian House Anniversary Historical Exhibition
Young Guard members and Stanislavsky Lab Acting School students portraying historical characters related to the building of the Russian House and Fitzroy - the 60th Russian House Anniversary Historical Exhibition
Young Guard’s guests playing a board game with elements of mystery and acting
Stalislavsky Lab’s students performing a piece of a classical Russian play
A Russian House resident DJ at a Young Guard’s music party
Young Guard’s hosted comedy show during MICF 2023 when the Russian House was a registered venue.

Russian House

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Unknown 1884


A Fitzroy landmark since the 19th century, the Russian House was originally erected for and belonged to the Friendly Society of Fitzroy and Collingwood. It also served as a pharmacy dispensary for several decades.

What's On

Immerse yourself in a theatrical guided tour through the Russian House that will tell the story of this nearly 150-year building and the Russian community who have called it home for more than 60 years.

During the tour, the visitors will learn about the purpose and the history of the Friendly Society movement (Manchester Order of Odd Fellows) and the historical context of the building’s past. Visitors will learn about the family of the first pharmacist who worked and lived on the premises, a mayor of Fitzroy who the street the building is located on was named after, and the first Russians who chose this building to become their community’s heart. Visitors will then witness traditional Russian dances presented by a building's resident folk dance school, and have an opportunity to taste some traditional Slavic food.

There will also be a visual art exhibition, specifically selected for this event and curated by a Russian House resident artist.

Finally, non-profit volunteer group Young Guard will organise an educational exhibition explaining how multicultural the real Russia is, and how important it is to preserve all the beautiful cultures calling Russia home at the moment.

Children's Activities

This event is child-friendly, but children will need to be accompanied by their parents to be able to participate in the interactive performance.

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Images: (1-2) Russian House exterior. Photos: Ang Ling. (3) Russian House interior. Photo: Ang Ling. (4–5) Maslenitsa Festival celebration on 16 March 2024, Russian House backyard and exterior. Photos: Young Guard. (6-8) Live historical exhibition held for the 60th Russian House anniversary celebration, 11-12 November 2023. Photo: Young Guard. (9) Russian House interior, lower story, 14 October 2022. Photo: Young Guard. (10) Russian House interior, lower story, 28 September 2023. Photo: Young Guard. (11) Russian House interior, upper story, 7 October 2023. Photo: Young Guard. (12) Russian House interior, upper story, 8 April 2023. Photo: Young Guard.

Important Details

Time & Date

Saturday 27 + Sunday 28 July 
Interactive performances run 12pm, 1.30pm + 3pm
Running for 45 minutes in groups of 30 with time to explore exhibition spaces after each performance

Bookings required—$7 booking fee applies
First release tickets: 12pm Wednesday 3 July
Second release tickets: 12pm Saturday 6 July

Meet at the front door. There will be people to meet guests at the front.

There will also be limited access between performances for visitors to enjoy the exhibition and traditional food.



Accessible parking nearby


118 Greeves St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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