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(1) Interior image of living area with dark red brick walls, colourful paintings, plants to one side and a fuchsia couch to the right.
(2) Interior image of dark red and pink kitchen, with white lampshades at varying heights in foreground above kitchen island.
(3) Interior image of large dark red brick wall, with colourful painting in its centre. White lampshades sit at varying heights to the left, with a kitchen island and stools below.
(4) Exterior image of building, with tree in foreground at the left of the image, behind which there is a pink two storey house with a steep angled roof.
(5) Image of porch area with white and timber table, and decorate pink facade shading system.


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Monique Woodward, WOWOWA Architecture 2022


This house is an excellent example of what can be achieved on a small, narrow site.

An architect’s own house is expected to be the pinnacle of their creative pursuits. This premise was even the source of inspiration for WOWOWA director Monique’s charming video series, If You Were Mine, that shared renovation ideas for different houses in Melbourne. But for Mon and Scott, the Directors of WOWOWA Architecture, their own home, called Magic, is really just an unexpectedly voluminous but modest treat.

Designed during maternity leave, this luscious pink, copper and maroon renovation turns a terracotta-roofed Californian bungalow into a joyous family home for three. Built in the 1930s and designed for dual occupancy, a six-metre-high wall separates the two dwellings. The response was to extend this brick boundary wall towards the backyard and capitalise on the geometry prescribed by the roof space.

Out back, a delightful cinquefoil arch was embellished as both a screening device and a nostalgic nod to a favourite Jaipurian holiday destination. Inside, small moments reveal themselves in the kitchen-living-dining space. The 'yummy' materials feel cosy, allowing its occupants to marinate in the joy of their home all year long.

What's On

Monique Woodward, director of WOWOWA, will take tours through this small renovation.

Images: (1-5) WOWOWA Magic. All photos: Caitlin Mills.

Important Details

Time & Date

Sunday 28 July
Tours at 10am, 11am, 12pm + 1pm
Running for 30 minutes in groups of 20

Bookings required—$7 booking fee applies
First release tickets: 12pm Wednesday 3 July
Second release tickets: 12pm Saturday 6 July

Full address will be provided to ticketholders in confirmation email upon booking.



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Northcote VIC 3070

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