Snack Syndicate Live Radio

Posted Sat 30th Jul 2022 | Isabella Radevski

Snack Syndicate will inhabit the Victorian Trades Hall in order to revive the historic 3KZ radio station for These Thoughts Large and Public (2022), a series of readings, talks and conversations around the history and future of labour, accompanied by tea and pastries for feature exhibition Take Hold of the Clouds. The program is open to the public and broadcast live over Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July for the Open House Melbourne July Weekend, with the assistance of radio producer Jon Tjhia and Antony Moore, the Trades Hall Building and Logistics Manager. The talks take place in Solidarity Hall, recently renovated by Lovell Chen, and comprise six conversations with invited guests to discuss labour history, First Nations’ organising, sex work and social reproduction, artistic labour, the gig economy and the history of the building.


Visit the microsite for the full schedule, head along to Trades Hall to listen in person or tune into the live broadcast from home via the link below.



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