Australian Catholic University – St Thomas Aquinas Chapel

Architect: Jesse Mowbray, Morton Dunn Architects, 2016


Building Description

The St Thomas Aquinas Chapel was completely renovated during 2016 with the addition of beautiful stained-glass windows, a new altar, furniture and religious icons. St Thomas Aquinas after whom the Campus is named is the patron saint of Catholic Education and is considered the Catholic Church’s greatest theologian and philosopher. A statue of St Thomas is located near to the chapel. Artist Terrance Plowright has designed all the stained-glass windows, including the large northern window. The work is an homage to the thinking and influence of St Thomas, his writing, and his dedication to the works of Aristotle. On the right side of the northern window, the figure of St Thomas can be seen writing, with his huge body of work aloft—in the form of many wing-like book forms—symbolically flowing down throughout history. The chapel’s windows utlise the numerous colours of the spectrum; the colours that together make up ‘light’. These many beautiful colours have been woven together into flowing features that guide the visitor’s eye toward the main northern window. Plowright’s aim was to create an experience, upon entering the chapel, whereby all the senses are stimulated; where the light, colour, and symbolism cause visitors to pause and to ponder.


1200 Mair St, Lake Wendouree VIC

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