Federation University SMB Campus

Architect: Various


Building Description

The Lydiard Street South precinct of Ballarat is richly reflective of Ballarat’s heritage. The nineteenth century brick buildings that comprise the precinct include remnants of the former Ballarat Goal, the former Court House, and several buildings constructed at various times from 1870 onwards to house The School of Mines and Industries Ballarat, commonly known as SMB. The precinct is also noteworthy for buildings now demolished, including the former Ballarat Brewery and the Circuit Court House. Located on the Ballarat escarpment, the Ballarat School of Mines as it was originally titled, was a direct product of the gold rush in Ballarat. Following exhaustion of the gold to be obtained from shallow mining, the need for increasingly sophisticated mining techniques, required by deep-lead mining, generated demand for skilled workers and mine managers.


107 Lydiard St South, Ballarat Central VIC

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