Bendigo Chapel

Architect: George Avery Fletcher, 1873

Building Description

The Bendigo Chapel was built in 1873, designed by George Avery Fletcher who at the time was town clerk, surveyor and cemetery secretary. Unique in its Gothic Revival style and built with Harcourt granite, it remains one of the few multi-denominational chapels in the world, with others in the UK destroyed by falling bombs in WWII. The chapel is designed in a distinctive cross shape with other unique features including its tower adorned with a fleche, originally covered in gold, taking pride of place atop the chapel. Historically the chapel was used as a mortuary with coffins stored on trestles, such as those on display in the building today, before a funeral service was conducted.

A Living Heritage grant of $200,000 was awarded in 2017 for the chapel, that allowed for restoration of the roof, bell fleche, interior floor and stormwater drainage system to begin. Works were completed in May 2018. The conservation works allow the multi-denominational chapel to once again be available for a range of events including weddings, music recitals, receptions, as well as to be used for its original function as a mortuary chapel.


70 Carpenter Street, Quarry Hill 3550, Quarry Hill VIC

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