Cascade House

Architect: Atelier Red+Black 2018

North | R06

Building Description

Visit an architect’s own home to explore a renovation that doubles the accommodation, gains more garden, and is still 30% smaller than the average Australian home! To address the environmental challenges we face, smart design can do much more with less.
Architects are typically asked by their clients: “How much space can we get on the block?” Cascade House explores how architecture can help us enjoy generous, light-filled living while protecting the landscape in our blocks and our cities. Achieving a built volume nearly 70% smaller than the building standards allow, this home is a testament to how the homes we design and build can do much more with less.
Cascade House is shaped by the owners’ immigrant background, and with brick an early cultural influence, it was a natural choice for the addition. Brick has the rare ability as a material to be skin, screen, thermal mass, ornamental and monumental, explains the architect. Brick is both backdrop and feature to this modestly scaled, delightful house.
Cascade House has been shortlisted for two 2019 architecture awards.

Northcote, full address available on booking

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