Log Lock-up

Architect: 1855

Eaglehawk | BEN22

Building Description

The Eaglehawk Courthouse and Log Lockup are of architectural and historical importance to the State of Victoria and were listed on the Victorian Register February 12, 1998. Built in the popular Canadian log cabin design with an entry vestibule and three timber lined cells. Constructed of locally sourced rough hewn logs with logs in the walls and a raft of transverse poles under the floor and above the ceiling for security. An iron roof now replaces the original shingle roof. Cast iron hinges and hasp and staples are fitted to the doorways. Artefacts from the goldfields era are on display inside the building. One of the builders Mr. John Fly recalled in 1913 that the firms most payable job, was the building of ‘The Logs’ (the lock-up at Eaglehawk and at White Hills. “We got the timber very close to the spot at White Hills, and at Eaglehawk brought it from Eaglehawk Flat and Jackass Flat. It was easy work, and timber handy. We were paid £260 for each lock-up, and £10 each for some angle pieces in the corners. Wages at this time were £1 per day for 10 hours, but after 1856 £1 a day for eight hours.”

What's On

Experience the sensation of being locked in the logs and view common incarceration artefacts.


3 Sailors Gully Road, Eaglehawk, Eaglehawk VIC

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