Marist College Bendigo

Architect: Y2 Architecture, 2015

Building Description

In 2015 Marist College Bendigo opened its doors to 225 students in years 7 and 8. Three years on, there are 770 learners from foundation to year 11. An extensive building program has met the demands of the growing school while maintaining the overall Marist vision. Situated at the edge of new wetlands, the Montagne Centre formed the first building for Marist. Here children aged 10–14 are embedded in an ever-changing natural landscape, that transforms problematic site flooding into a vibrant ecosystem and a natural asset for the College. A rich textural pallet of raw materials (including rammed earth, recycled timbers, plywood and Bluestone) provides a welcoming, warm and engaging environment connecting to both Marist traditions and an Australian narrative. Champagnat adds a new chapter to the Marist story with high-quality senior learning environments for students aged 15–18. The architecture continues themes of earlier stages, but appears more sophisticated in its execution, responding to the increased independence of its students. The ‘rock theatre’ on the lower level is a must-see, as is the central foyer. Marist College Bendigo has developed into a vibrant community, rich in culture, heritage and identity that will continue to flourish in the years to come.


95 Golf Links Road, Maiden Gully 3551, Maiden Gully VIC

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