Behind the scenes tour of the West Gate Tunnel Project’s westbound exit tunnel portal

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If you’ve travelled out west on the West Gate Freeway, you may be wondering what’s happening behind the screens near Brooklyn as you pass over the Newport Rail Line.

You may be surprised to know that crews have dug a massive hole 30-metres deep next to the hustle and bustle of 200,000+ daily motorists travelling on the Freeway. The hole is in fact one of three West Gate Tunnel portal sites!

Known as the westbound exit portal, crews have worked through some very complex construction challenges to get this impressive site ready to receive a 15.6 metre tall tunnel boring machine (TBM) after it completes its 4-kilometre journey.

Importantly, the westbound exit portal – complete with world-class architecture – will ultimately provide motorists a quicker and more direct trip to Melbourne’s west via the West Gate Tunnel.

Join West Gate Tunnel Project engineers, Desi and Tobias, to learn about the engineering, machinery, technology and people building what will be an iconic and historic piece of infrastructure for Melbourne.

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Join West Gate Tunnel Project engineers, Desi and Tobias, for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look and Q&A session at the massive West Gate Tunnel’s westbound exit portal currently under construction. Located next to the West Gate Freeway, the portal will ultimately carry motorists from the from the CBD out to Melbourne’s western suburbs.

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Saturday 24 July

Digital tour and Q&A session with West Gate Tunnel Project engineers. Running for approximately 40 minutes.
All ages welcome.

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West Gate Tunnel Project YouTube channel and West Gate Tunnel Project Information Centre in Yarraville, corner of Whitehall Street and Somerville Road.

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