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A view of the upper storeys of a white modern apartment building with an asymmetrical rooftop which has three triangular peaks on the left and opens up on the right in an amphitheatre design with a handful of people enjoying the sun on a wide wooden staircase. The lower storeys feature apartment balconies enclosed in white metal frames with steel netting through which you can see pot plants and outdoor furniture
an apartment living room with a circular dining table in the foreground, a deep blue couch against the wall on the right, and a view through sliding doors out the a balcony at the back of the shot, where a parent sits on the pavers and watches their toddler who is wearing a green dress
a bicycle parking area which is painted bright yellow on both side and above and below, with bikes poking into the shot from either side, and a landscaped light court featuring three ferns in the centre.

The Village: Nightingale ParkLife

Austin Maynard Architects 2022


Nightingale Housing is opening the doors to eight established residential buildings located in Brunswick: Nightingale 1 (2017), Nightingale Anstey (2022) and the six buildings comprising Nightingale Village (2022).

Since Nightingale Housing’s inaugural project Nightingale 1 was completed in 2017, the Nightingale community has grown exponentially as further projects have sprung up between Albion Street and Hope Street, responding to a huge demand for high-quality, medium-density housing. The former industrial zone has been transformed into a vibrant residential, well-serviced neighbourhood accessible through the Upfield bicycle path and train line to the west, and Sydney Road commercial and cultural precinct to the east. At the centre of this area is the popular Bulleke-bek Park, an offshoot of the major collaborative project Nightingale Village.

While each Nightingale building is designed by a different leading architectural firm and has its own unique aesthetic, all projects adhere to the sustainability and community principles driving Nightingale’s mission: to revolutionise the way we live together. Nightingale homes are fossil fuel-free, energy efficient, use recycled and locally-produced materials wherever possible, and encourage the use of green transport. They are intended to provide comfortable, healthy homes for people to live in long-term, not as a revenue generator for investors.

What's On

Nightingale Housing is a not-for-profit organisation building homes that put people and the planet first.

Each tour will visit one of the eight completed Nightingale buildings in Brunswick. Led by an expert guide, you’ll see inside a resident’s apartment, explore the communal spaces, and learn about sustainability through material reductionism.

Images: (1-3) Nightingale ParkLife. All photos: Tom Ross

Important Details

Time & Date

Saturday 29 July
Tours run 2pm + 3pm
Running for 60 minutes in groups of 15
Bookings required
First release tickets: Thursday 6 July, 12pm
Second release tickets: Saturday 8 July, 10am

Meet at the building entrance on Duckett Street.
Please note: ticketholders for this tour will be required to remove their shoes before entering the resident's apartment (except those visitors using a wheelchair).


Fully wheelchair accessible, Partially wheelchair accessible, Accessible bathroom, Elevator access


8-10 Duckett Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

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