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Waterfront: Regenerating the Kooyongkoot – the Future is Fungi

A workshop led by Amanda Morglund, Director of Fungi Solutions, exploring the diverse applications of cultivating fungi to make packaging material, leather, furniture and architecture. As a natural recycler, fungi also cleanses toxins in soil and waterways.

Learn how to train fungi to grow and compost waste resources such as cardboard, food scraps, textiles and even cigarette butts. Participants create a starter kit comprising an agar petri dish inoculated with fungi culture.

Amanda Morglund

Director of Fungi Solutions, which uses fungi to recycle waste sources into new materials. Fungi Solutions is Australia’s first Mycocycling service, transforming industry waste and environmental pollutants into packaging and structural materials. Amanda is from a fashion and textile background, and founded Mycelium Made to create bespoke garments from mushroom leather.

This event is part of the ‘Regenerating the Kooyongkoot’ series – a citizen-led micro-festival celebrating the beginning of a 20-year masterplan to restore and create a 10km biodiversity corridor around Glen Iris Wetlands and Gardiners Creek. 

Image: courtesy Design Think Lab

Learn how to train fungi to grow and compost waste resources.

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Time & Date

Saturday 27 March 2021
1pm – 2pm


SEED Centre, TH King Pavilion, 1650 High St, Glen Iris VIC 3146

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