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The Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC) represents a quantum leap for training in the building and construction industry, utilising state-of-the-art simulation technology.

Simulation learning for the building and construction industry originated in The Netherlands more than a decade ago. Its overwhelming success led to the opening of a second centre in the United Kingdom at Coventry.

Having witnessed the success in Europe, Master Builders committed to bring the technology to Australia. The BLSC is the product of this commitment. It is the centrepiece of their efforts to deliver new ways for building and construction companies to strengthen their business.

At the BLSC, a 15-metre-wide parabolic screen and 12 site sheds transport participants into a virtual construction site. Courses are delivered utilising a unique combination of classroom-style learning, feedback workshops, and the simulated building site. Learning is reinforced and enhanced in simulation sessions with a team of highly trained specialist actors playing roles such as OHS inspectors and difficult clients.

Participants confront the challenges of a real worksite and are given the opportunity to negotiate, solve problems, communicate, and provide effective leadership for site personnel, management and subcontractors.

Photo Credit: JP Evermore Photography

Important Details


49 Brady Street, South Melbourne 3205

Time & Date

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28 July
11am and 12.30pm, running
for 45 minutes
49 Brady Street, South Melbourne 3205

Free – bookings essential: First release Friday 13 July 8.30am until booked out, second release Friday 20 July 8.30 am until booked out, small booking fee applies.


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