Hello House Tour

Hello House is a renovation and extension of a Victorian shophouse to accommodate a family home and artist’s studio.

The modest but beautiful front rooms were refreshed and the dysfunctional old back rooms were demolished and replaced with new spaces more suitable for a 21st century life. ?۬?۬

Sitting on a corner opposite the neighbourhood hub of activity, the local café, the house embraces its mini-civic role by offering passers-by a greeting in the form of a big bright ‘Hello’ in white brickwork. The Hello wall, designed in collaboration with artist Rose Nolan, offers to start a conversation with locals while continuing the architectural story of the area’s 19th century heritage buildings, 60s and 70s brick flats and small warehouses. The wall allows separate worlds to exist happily side by side with a cheerful public face that gives nothing away about the life behind.

Inside, the house adjusts to the needs and moods of its residents – a cosy retreat in winter or an airy pavilion in summer – all hidden from the outside world. The finishes palette is minimal and modest with ordinary materials such as plywood, brickwork and industrial trusses invested with a little extra craft to make them extraordinary.

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Time & Date

Tours will be conducted on Sunday 26th July. 

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