Jane’s Walk: It Was Gone In A Minute!

It was gone in a minute! – a Jane’s Walk with Annie Bolitho in Preston

Some very important sides of Preston are going, like gardens with fruit trees and roses and single dwellings on a property. This walk is part of a larger project ‘Funeral for a House’ that aims to mark loss through documenting houses and memories, and growing fig tree cuttings.

Join Annie as she leads the walk and talk, noting elements of particular houses including walls and wrought iron, fruit trees, entrances and the uniqueness of the house number.




About Jane’s Walks

Jane’s Walk is an annual, international festival of free, citizen-led walking conversations inspired by urbanist Jane Jacobs.

As part of the festival in Melbourne several walks will be held across the city to celebrate walking, cities and neighbourhoods.

Jane’s Walks encourage people to share stories about places, discover unseen aspects of their communities, and use walking as a way to connect. The festival is coordinated by a charitable organisation in Toronto. Read more here.


Open House Melbourne is proud to support Jane’s Walk Melbourne.

Important Details


By the laneway, Preston Street. Preston, Victoria

Time & Date

5 May 2018

10.30am to 12.30am

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