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The Melbourne School of Design Building calls attention to its transparent pedagogical design, its exposed materials. But in the act of ordering of bodies, they are also disciplined, they are brought into the fold; it is a building that absorbs people.

Liquid Architecture has been commissioned by Open House Melbourne and Nite Art to present a series of works that explore the connection between sound and space at the Melbourne School of Design.

26 July 2015

Danae Valenza and Adelle Mills
back-lit and out-crop centre-place
Malaysian Theatre. Melbourne School of Design

“pre-recorded conversation – back-lit and out-crop centre-place – lecture theatre / theatre lecture – figures that wedge their voices between rolling translations – a blueprint for signs and signals to build – lines sent and collected like de-and-re-compiled papers so that hands and words can meet.”

Zac Segbedzi
Woodstock 2015
Basement Hall. Melbourne School of Design
Note: This performance will begin at 2pm

“Woodstock 2015: the brown acid is the only reality….“one does not simply take the acid

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Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne Parkville Campus

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