Open House Melbourne Weekend

Since 2008, Open House Melbourne has been connecting people with good design and architecture in the city.

We invite people to explore outstanding houses, buildings, infrastructure and landscapes that illustrate our rich history, reflect how we live and work, and offer insights into our future city.

We do this through our annual free weekend at the end of July and through a series of accessible, informative and entertaining talks, tours, workshops and events throughout the year.

The Weekend puts a spotlight on the unique spaces and places that form the foundation of Melbourne, providing an opportunity for you to consider what makes Melbourne unique. The Weekend showcases buildings of significance in a free and accessible format so everyone can experience the value of good design and architecture, and consider what makes a liveable city. 

Improvements have been made to the program this year to ensure everybody has the chance to experience Melbourne’s significant buildings including removing the need for a ballot; nearly all buildings open on the weekend will be open access and self-guided, but access to a small number of buildings will be via pre-booked tours.

What you need to know to navigate Open House Melbourne Weekend 

  1. There is no ballot this year. Nearly all buildings open on the weekend are open access and self-guided, but a small number of buildings have pre-booked tours. Bookings open on Wednesday 8 July at 10am until booked out, limited to 2 places per person per tour. These tours always book out, so please check on the website before you plan to visit these building. We don’t want you to be disappointed!
  1. Open House Melbourne Weekend is open from 10am-4pm both days

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Time & Date

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th July 2015
10am-4pm both days

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