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Reflecting on Metahaven: Field Report

Our altered experience of time through digital media is more heightened than ever, as we navigate the endless uncertainty of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Join Design Hub Gallery curators Kate Rhodes and Fleur Watson, Amsterdam-based artists, filmmakers and designers, Metahaven, and Metahaven: Field Report guest curators Megan Patty and Brad Haylock in an online discussion, as they reflect upon Field Report from the perspective of this new reality.

Below you can learn more about Metahaven: Field Report via a podcast interview with Metahaven, the Field Report zine, and a virtual tour of the exhibition.


Photo: Tobias Titz



Metahaven: Field Report reflects upon today’s condition of information overload. Everybody has become a broadcaster, designer, filmmaker, prosecutor, judge, key witness, perpetrator and storyteller. This is not merely a political and social fact, but an aesthetic and cinematic regime. Propaganda is now a lived reality, necessitating novel forms of media literacy. The work of Metahaven consists of filmmaking, writing, and design, and is united conceptually by interests in poetry, storytelling, propaganda, and digital superstructures. Films by Metahaven include The Sprawl (Propaganda about Propaganda) (2015), Information Skies (2016), Hometown (2018), Eurasia (Questions on Happiness) (2018), and Elektra (2019)

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