This is Public: Collective Agency

To be public is to be shared. This is Public delves into the shared spaces, places and aspirations of Melburnians and their city. 

This will be a conversation in response to the AIA National Conference theme, considering collective public advocacy as well as the role of the profession.

Collective Agency is the theme of the 2019 National Architecture Conference, reminding us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and with unity comes an ability to affect an outcome. This year’s event will encourage reflection on today’s challenges, the articulation of more meaningful protocols, and most importantly, the willingness to act. Discussing what WAS (our shared understanding), what IS (our shared reality), and what COULD BE (our shared advocacy), Collective Agency is a dual state of doing and being.

Building on the Conference theme, the Open House 2017 program: What Would Jane Do?, and the Apple in Federation Square debate in 2018, this episode will explore the way in which protests, advocacy and political legacy has shaped our city in the past and could/should shape our future city.

This is Public podcast is recorded at and supported by The Espy, and brought to life by the Metro Tunnel Creative Program, a program dedicated to enhancing city life alongside the Metro Tunnel.

Important Details

Time & Date

This episode will feature interviews recorded on location at the 2019 National Architecture Conference 

20–22 June 2019

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