Urban Tactility Talk

A panel discussion with OoPLA and Cushman & Wakefield about the rationale behind the Urban Tactility program.

What role does design play in addressing a truly accessible city? How do codes and legislation take physical form in the city? And the role of creativity in advocating for better cities. How do codes and legislation such as the Equal Opportunity Act, Australian Standards and The Building Code of Australia take physical form in the city?

Urban Tactility is presented by OoPLA, Open House Melbourne and Cushman & Wakefield – Open House Melbourne’s inaugural Inclusivity and Access partner and supported by Immigration Museum and City of Melbourne.


About Urban Tactility

A site-specific public installation of tactile indicators in the forecourt of the Immigration Museum, Urban Tactility will highlight how public art and design can make a significant contribution to conversations around important urban issues such as social inclusion, social connectivity and the building of community around a public design project.

Urban Tactility will negotiate broad contemporary cultural issues exploring our rights as citizens to the city. Building on the thought-provoking nature of the Sensory City tours we ran in partnership with OoPLA in 2017 & 2018, the Urban Tactility installation is designed to inspire people to connect with the  experience of those living with low vision and blindness and the way they navigate the city.

The project has a tri-fold agenda. Firstly, it’s a chance to think about how the city can be designed for different communities and users. Secondly, it’s a chance to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. And thirdly, it’s a chance to experience the city from a sensory perspective and explore the city beyond the visual. This agenda is amplified by the venue partnership with the Immigration Museum.


About OoPla

Tania Davidge and Christine Phillips collaborate as OoPLA. Although founded by architects, OoPLA is not a practice about buildings but rather a practice interested in a broader understanding of architecture. Through the creation of discussion forums, workshops, public art projects, exhibitions and architectural events, OoPLA aims to draw attention to the spaces we use every day and how these spaces impact our lives.

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Immigration Museum 400 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Time & Date

Wednesday 24 July

FREE, bookings essential

Access: Fully accessible.

This event will be Auslan interpreted. 


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