Waterfront: From Poop to Park

The construction of the Main Outfall Sewer in the 1890s played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of Melburnians. Until this time “Smellbourne” was a city of stagnant drains and cesspits.

The Main Outfall Sewer was designed to respond to Melbourne’s geography, climate and lifestyle and its construction had a significant impact on the city’s liveability. After 120 years, the decommissioned sewer is once again shaping the lives of Melburnians by responding to new public health challenges including obesity, heart disease, the urban heat effect and social isolation, along with mitigating the threats of climate change.

This 60-minute tour led by the Greening the Pipeline partners, will explore the history of the site and discuss how redesigning the sewer is helping to improve the lives of a new generation of Melburnians.

Presented by Open House Melbourne, Melbourne Water and Greening the Pipeline for Waterfront – part of Melbourne Design Week 2020, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV. 

Photo: courtesy of Melbourne Water

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Williams Landing, more details upon booking

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Event postponed until further notice.

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