Luna Park

Architect: JD Williams Amusement Company, 1912

Inner South | IS19

Building Description

In 1912, the JD Williams Amusement Company created the iconic Luna Park. Some of its original, historic features include the Face and Towers, the Great Scenic Railway and Motor Room, the Carousel and the Ghost Train. The famous Mr Moon Face and Towers has seen many changes. Originally made from chicken wire, hessian and cement render, the Face had its most recent reconstruction in 1999. The Great Scenic Railway is 107 years old this year making it the oldest operating wooden roller coaster of its kind worldwide. The 967-metre track, built from 65,674 metres of Oregon pine, was shipped from Canada in 1911. The Motor Room is where the Scenic Railway’s trains are pulled up by a 220-metre steel cable wrapping an ancient steel wheel. When at the top of ‘the pull-up’ this is when gravity takes over and the driver’s skills control the ride. The Carousel turns 106 this year. Built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1913, it boasts an impressive 68 horses, 2 chariots and a rare Limonaire Freres organ as its centre. Finding its home at the Park in 1923 after World War 1, the structure that now houses the Carousel was built in 1937. The Ghost Train was purchased from the Pretzel Amusement Company (USA) in 1934 and became the revitalised park’s symbol after the Great Depression. Its structure was built underneath the Scenic Railway’s track from its posts. It is one of just 18 of the oldest ghost rides in the world.

What's On

Open House visitors will tour the Great Scenic Railway and its motor room, the heritage-listed Great Scenic Railway maintenance shed, the Luna Park Carousel and its motor area and a enjoy a walk-through of the Ghost Train.


18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda 3182, St Kilda VIC

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