Melbourne School of Design Glyn Davis Building

Architect: John Wardle Architects and NADAAA 2016

University of Melbourne Parkville Campus | UoMP02

Building Description

Located at the centre of the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus, the Glyn Davis building houses the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning and its graduate school, the Melbourne School of Design. The state-of-the-art facility, designed collaboratively by John Wardle Architects (Melbourne) and NADAAA (Boston), is a large-scale laboratory for built environment education and research, and sets a new standard for design education in the Asia-Pacific region.

A living learning building, the site has been an educational tool since 2010. Its transparency supports the vision of a pedagogical space with carefully exposed materials and structures allowing occupants insight into the minds of the designers and the processes of construction.

What's On

Participate in a celebration of twentieth-century Australian architecture via the exhibition ‘Australia Modern: from the iconic to the everyday’ curated by Hannah Lewi and Philip Goad or explore a blurred architectural realm where virtual meets physical with the student-led ‘AA Travelling School: New Paper’ exhibition.


230 Grattan, Street Parkville 3052, Parkville VIC

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