Monash University Learning and Teaching Building

Architect: John Wardle Architects 2017

Further Afield | F09

Building Description

The Learning and Teaching Building at Monash Clayton is a multi-faculty gateway learning facility by John Wardle Architects. It is the product of years of research and design thinking at Monash and responds to the University’s learning and teaching ambitions. Located at the campus’ southern gateway, close to the Monash Transport Interchange (JWA & McGregor Coxall) and Monash MPavilion (OMA), the facility responds to new and emerging pedagogies which recognise that people learn in different ways. More than 60 innovative learning and teaching spaces, comprising technology-rich ‘Next Generation’ learning and teaching environments complemented by informal learning hubs, deliver a variety of study settings to meet 21st century student demands. Pre-class, in-class and post-class discussion is encouraged, and enabled by the clustering of spaces into neighbourhoods with embedded technologies that enable real-time collaboration with students and educators at other locations. Building on the valued character of Clayton campus, interior streets, courtyards, bridges, balconies and stairs are transformed into ravines, clearings, strands, perches, escarpments and amphitheatres, choreographed to invent a new landscape. The building incorporates a new Bicycle Arrival Station which prioritises sustainable transport, a retail precinct and the campus’ first underground car park. Nesso cafe on the ground floor will be open.

What's On

Tours will led by John Wardle Architects and Monash University Faculty of Education and showcase the variety of learning spaces within the building. Book tours of other Monash University sites and make a day of it.


19 Ancora Imparo Way, Monash University Clayton Campus, Clayton VIC

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