St George’s Anglican Church East Ivanhoe

Architect: Robin Boyd and Frederick Romberg 1964

East | E07

Building Description

St. George’s Anglican Church in East Ivanhoe is one of only two Australian churches designed by renowned Australian architects, Robin Boyd and Frederick Romberg. Completed in 1964, St George’s was part of Melbourne’s post-war church building boom, inspired by modernism and a less-traditional approach to ecclesiastical design.

Post-war population growth saw a surge in the building of new churches from the late 1950s through to the early 1970s across Melbourne’s suburbs. During this time, architects such as Boyd and Romberg recognised the need to design community-oriented churches with contemporary appeal to suit modern society. St George’s stands as a striking example of post-war church design, balancing the practicalities of traditional worship with modern form.

Designed to simulate cloisters, tall poles link the Church to the Parish Hall, while its unique internal courtyard is central to fostering vibrant community life. Recognised for its fine acoustics, the interior is naturally lit by low glass archways framing the pews. Other notable features include the contemporary Stations of the Cross and a ceramic mural of Christ by local artist Jean Atkins at the altar, while the unusual bronze baptismal font designed by Vincez Jemantis is a reminder of the 1960s liturgical reform movement.

What's On

Step into the centre of our community with a tour of the church and surrounds. View art works, hand sewn vestments, altar silverware, original architectural plans, drawings and model, while music resonates throughout the building. Wonder at the structure, join us for a service, or just for a friendly chat. Sunday service Times: Holy Communion (Said) 8am, Choral Eucharist 10am. Choral Evensong to celebrate Boyd and his building will be held at 5.00pm. All are welcome.


47-51 Warncliffe Road Ivanhoe East VIC 3079, Ivanhoe VIC

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