Architect: Merz and MacLellan 1916

City of Hobsons Bay | H05

Building Description

Newport is one of the oldest substations in the metropolitan systems, and also one of the largest, comparable to the North Fitzroy substation and slightly smaller than the Newmarket substation. It displays an exceptionally high level of integrity not seen in any other extant examples of this substation design, and although much of the original equipment has been removed or vandalised, the building is highly demonstrative of early twentieth century power generating practices. The building has strong visual and functional associations with the nearby Newport railway workshops, established in 1882. The building has strong associations with the inauguration of electric services, due to its construction during the first phase of the scheme. It is also important for its associations with the engineering firm Merz and MacLellan, who designed the electrification scheme as well as the early substations in association with the VR Way and Works Branch. Its construction by the Victorian Railways sets the building apart from contemporary Railways structures built under contract. Today, The SUBSTATION is used as a multi artform space presenting contemporary work across performance, music and visual arts.

What's On

All areas of The SUBSTATION will be open during the Open House Melbourne Weekend, excluding private office spaces. Visitors are invited to experience ‘SubTerrain/Shadow Dancing’ by Linda Sastradipradja – a live performed work within ever-changing perspectives and locations within The SUBSTATION, as the building shifts through different cycles of light and darkness.


1 Market Street, Newport 3015, Newport VIC

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