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Willows Homestead

Architect: 1854

Further Afield | F03

Building Description

Situated within The Willows Historical Park on the banks of Toolern Creek, the Willows is the oldest surviving Victorian-style homestead in Melton. Built in the mid 1850s, the homestead is also historically significant for its association with the establishment of the local pound.

The heritage-listed homestead is a rare example of an intact building from the original era of farming in the Melton area. Made from bluestone and mud construction, the building originally consisted of four rooms with a high, shingled roof. Around 1867, two further rooms with a lower roofline were added, creating a new front entrance to the home. Galvanised iron was placed over the shingles and verandahs were added on three sides of the house. The rendered rubble wall construction and sturdy buttresses of the original portion of the dwelling are an unusual form of nineteenth century construction.

Public concern over the potential loss of a significant piece of Melton’s history led to council purchasing the near-derelict Willows in 1972. The homestead has since been gradually restored and is now the headquarters of the Melton Historical Society, and the centrepiece of the park.

What's On

Visitors can wander and explore delightful gardens and walking trail around the Park, and view the exterior of other heritage buildings. Electric BBQs with covered seating for a great picnic lunch or spread a Blanket out on the grassed area. Local walking trails lead from the grounds to other local heritage areas.


Willows Historic Park, 82 Reserve Road, Melton 3337, Melton VIC


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