Thank you to our Five Year Volunteers

Posted Thu 30th Apr 2015 | efront

We would like to recognise the dedicated volunteers who have tirelessly helped Open House for five years in 2014. Over 40 people have reached this amazing milestone this year. We are honoured to have you as part of the volunteer team. 

Five Year Volunteers:

Adrian Gaylard
Andrea Towson
Anita van Rooyen
Anne Gartner
Anthea Sinclair
Braidy Davies
Bronwyn Chong
Caleb Smith
Eloise Glanville
Emma S Thornton
Esther Sugihto
Evie Harkness
Fiona Knight
Gabrielle Fitzgerald
Gemma Widdowson
Giovanna Walker
Jackline Jap
James Loo
June Zhou
Kaaren Minahan
Kathy Ismail
Kathy Kaplan
Liz Gray
Lincoln Judd
Maggie Lambert
Maggie Judd
Margaret Brett
Marina Carroll
Mark Davis
Mark Kukanesan
Monique Shears
Natasha Dochniak
Neil Harkness
Nick Rouse
Peter Walker
Ron Cruickshank
Ron Rowley
Ross Pinniger
Sophie Newing
Suzanne Ballard

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