Islamic Museum of Australia

Architect: Desypher 2014

North | N04

Building Description

The Islamic Museum of Australia was spearheaded by a group of Melbourne Muslims who raised funds to have Australia’s first Islamic Museum built in Thornbury in 2014.

Through five permanent galleries — Islamic Faith, Islamic Contributions to Civilisation, Art, Architecture, and Australian Muslim History — the museum fosters a nuanced and realistic understanding of what it means to be an Australian Muslim. By showcasing a wealth of contemporary artistic expression and extensive cultural heritage, the Museum facilitates space for critical reflection and personal interpretation — in the act of sharing, common myths and prejudices are dispelled and mutual understanding is established.

Housed partially in a remodeled bottling warehouse backing onto the Merri Creek, the museum draws upon traditional Islamic principles and contemporary expression to create a juxtaposition of ideas designed to intrigue, welcome and challenge. It features a rusted Corten steel facade representing the Australian outback, wrapping a white cube covered in geometric tilework with Arabic calligraphy.

What's On

Tours of the five permanent gallery spaces and the visiting exhibition. Museum architect, Issam Nabulsi and Education Director, Sherene Hassan, will conduct tours detailing the building design and the galleries within.


15A Anderson Road, Thornbury 3071, Thornbury VIC

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