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Piermont House

Architect: Rachcoff Vella, 2013


Building Description

Embracing the semi-rural Australian landscape and creating a platform for an engaging young family were the key drivers in this exciting new project. Designed by Melbourne-based practice, Rachcoff Vella Architecture, the house is conceived as a uniquely sculptural built form that is the starting point to a master plan of sculpture and landscaped gardens on a 10-acre site. Having lived in a modest weatherboard cottage on the site, the clients were familiar with their context, however the existing house turned its back on most of the site and prohibited a more fluid relationship. The clients’ brief was for a series of wings, spread out into the landscape, making a strong connection with key aspects of the site. The glass pavilion, for example, engages with its environment and adjacent terraces through its transparent operable fac╠žade. Each occupant has at least one specifically designed space in the house allowing them to individually, as well as collectively, experience a custom-designed outcome. Well-crafted, bespoke details were important to the overall design, such as the three-metre-wide front door and illuminated door handle, swivel vanity mirrors, school-desk library joinery, custom wardrobes, and gallery spaces, to name a few. Piermont allows the inhabitants to fully experience the environment around them and to feel integral to the overall master plan concept.



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