Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre

Architect: Wilson and Beswicke 1885

South | S16

Building Description

The former Brighton Town Hall is home to Bayside Gallery, which presents an annual exhibition program of contemporary and historical exhibitions (including Pets are people too, 27 July to 6 October) and three community cultural groups: the Brighton Historical Society, the Brighton Art Society, and the Brighton Theatre Company. The Brighton Town Hall is a large two-storey Classical Revival building, and is the historical and visual focus of the precinct. The Town Hall gardens represent fine examples of formal and informal plantings, hard landscaping, sculpture and other built elements dating from the 1930s. The formal pond (built in 1933) features a bronze replica of Charles Douglas Richardson’s sculpture, ‘The Cloud’ 1900. Other notable elements include the 1961 Municipal Office and a contemporary sculpture by Slavko Tumbas, ‘Genesis’ 1998, that commemorates the creation of the City of Bayside.

What's On

Bayside Gallery, the Town Hall, the Brighton Theatre Company and the Brighton Historical Society will be open to the public.


Cnr Wilson & Carpenter Streets, Brighton 3186, Carpenter VIC

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