City Gardens

Architect: Peter McIntyre 1976

City of Melbourne | R17

Building Description

A testament to the powers of good design, modernist-inspired City Gardens is as relevant today as it was in the 1970s. Designed by architectural legend, Peter McIntyre, the complex surrounds a community garden and features a mix of 92 apartments and 48 townhouses across four low-level buildings.

Part of a wave of housing commission projects in North Melbourne during the 1960s, City Gardens was the only allotment given to a private developer. Prioritising good design over profit, McIntyre saw an opportunity to steer the city towards more modernist ideals, convincing the Inge Brothers to create something ‘more attractive to people’ that would ultimately sell at a higher price.

Avoiding repetition and championing green space, McIntyre broke with convention, designing City Gardens with split levels, staircases, and a mix of apartment sizes and typologies with their own street frontage, and private and public outdoor spaces. City Gardens continues to be a model for urban renewal, and features a community library, productive gardens and beehives.

North Melbourne, full address available on booking.

What's On

Guided tours by residents through the garden, raised walkways and original apartment with a small talk around a display of the plans.

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