Hotel Esplanade

Architect: Alfred Louis Smith and Arthur Ebden Johnson 1857, Technē 2019

Inner South | IS17

Building Description

Hotel Esplanade was originally built as a 60-room hotel in the Renaissance Revival Regency Resort style before alterations in the 1920s transformed it into a celebrated live music venue. From the 90s onwards, the Espy survived numerous sales and a threatened demolition before undergoing a major refurbishment in 2018

The revived hotel now boasts 12 bars over five levels, three band stages, signalling live music is still a priority, two restaurants and a podcast studio. The Gershwin Room remains relatively untouched except for a new sound system. New areas previously closed to the public have been opened such as the Ghost of Alfred Felton cocktail bar, bringing to life the story of the philanthropist, chemist and long-time Espy resident.

What's On

Stylist Eleisha Gray has a story for you, woven through five levels of the hotel. An immersion of design and history for the inquisitive and inspired.
Bookings open 12 July 8:30am

Simultaneously, Techne Architects are in the house to detail how they maintained decades of evolutions with their reincarnation of Hotel Esplanade. Self-guided tours between 11am-4pm exclude access to the entire top floor. Areas open for viewing include public dining and bar areas, the basement and podcast studios. Booking a guided tour is recommended to experience the hidden and unique spaces within the hotel.
Bookings open 12 July 8:30am


11 The Esplanade, St Kilda 3182, St Kilda VIC

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