Monash University Law Moot Court

Architect: Jackson Clements Burrows 2017

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Building Description

Law Moot Court is a state-of-the-art multifunctional facility. Completed in 2017, the $3.9 million courtroom is part of a larger $16 million investment in the David Derham School of Law Building at Monash University Clayton. The moot court is designed to be used in multiple modes, including as a formal and virtual moot court, mediation and arbitration facility, physical and virtual clinic, tutorial and seminar room, teleconference area, meeting venue, conference and workshop space, public oration forum, and training resource for examining expert witnesses and ‘paperless’ court practices. Prominently located at the campus front door, the moot court is a contemporary and welcoming student-centred learning environment designed by Jackson Clements Burrows. It has capacity for 90 people, and additional viewing capacity beyond the immediate gallery. The facility’s primary function is as an arena for moot competitions, enabling students to understand and become familiar with the specific processes and etiquette of the courtroom. The building’s original waffle ceiling structure is highlighted by the interior architecture and lighting, referencing the 1960s origins of the original architecture. The Moot Court is embedded with the latest audio-visual and teleconferencing technology, to enable virtual collaboration across the country and internationally.

What's On

Tours will be led by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects. Visitors will get insight into the design process and ambitions for the moot court and unique access into this fascinating courtroom setting. Book tours of other Monash University sites and make a day of it!


15 Ancora Imparo Way, Monash University Clayton Campus, Clayton VIC

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