Monash University Learning Landscapes

Architect: ASPECT Studios 2017

Further Afield | F08

Building Description

Stitching together the regionally significant Monash Transport Interchange, Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts, Learning and Teaching Building, heritage-listed Menzies Building, and the new Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building, the Southern Precinct and Biomedical Landscapes, have redefined the campus front door and how learning is enabled on campus. Designed by Aspect Studios, the landscapes cover an immense area of 3 hectares, providing multiple contemporary outdoor learning environments. The Southern Precinct offers intricate student study spaces which spill-out from the adjacent Learning and Teaching Building, as well as social and informal learning spaces nestled in an open woodland. Connected by a revitalised cyclist and pedestrian path, the Biomedical Landscape showcases a plant-based taxonomy drawn from biomedical research, and infused with a cross-section of productive indigenous plants to create the setting for formal and informal student learning areas. Both landscapes are enriched by integrated artwork. In the Southern Precinct, Megan Cope has created a site of welcome for students, staff and visitors and acknowledges the importance and ongoing evolution of Indigenous language, architecture, knowledge and culture. While Natasha Johns-Messenger’s Water Orb beckons passers-by to come closer, and question what we think we see and what we know.

What's On

Tours will be led by Aspect Studios and showcase how University ambitions of providing contemporary outdoor learning environments have been realised on-the-ground. Book tours of other Monash University sites and make a day of it.

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