Nine Smith St

Architect: MA Architects 2014

Inner North | R01

Building Description

Nine Smith St is a six-level residential development in Fitzroy designed to good apartment design principles where natural light, community spaces and small yet generous-feeling apartments offer great living environments.

Well-considered internal planning provides all the functionality and liveability of a house, within a smaller footprint. Ground-floor tenancies and every one of the 41 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments have dual aspect and cross-ventilation, proving that simple passive design principles don’t need to be overlooked in projects of this scale. The building is simple and robust, with emphasis on materiality and simple forms selected for longevity.

The project includes a secret courtyard oasis that provides a focus to the building’s residential and commercial community. The open-air corridors and walkways that form the vertical courtyard allow visibility of neighbours from all levels, building a feeling of connection between residents.

Fitzroy, full address available on booking

What's On

Visitors will be able to walk through the central courtyard of the building as well as visit specific apartments. Additionally on ground floor Neometro’s studio will be open.
Representatives from Neometro will be available.

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