Type St Apartment

Architect: 1975, Tsai Design 2017

East | R15

Building Description

Every last centimetre has been maximised in this renovation to a 1970s one-bedroom walk-up apartment. Setting a benchmark for small footprint living, Type Street Apartment explores the central question: how can we fit a big house into a small unit? The solution is knowing where it pays to be generous.

At just 35m2, Type Street Apartment is a small project with big ambitions. With housing affordability a pressing issue, it offers an example of how to refurbish old apartments as a welcome alternative to conventional house ownership.

Working within the constraints of the original floor plan, the modest budget was poured into creating floor-to-ceiling, multifunctional cabinetry and wall systems. This feature conceals an abundance of storage in every room – a feature often lacking in apartment living. Working with a cabinetmaker who specialises in high-end hotels helped refine the finishes, with three prototyped versions of the fold-down dining table created to determine the best solution. Combining comfort and affordability, the apartment features a 4m long kitchen, a wine store, a sunlit window seat, a green house, and home studio area.

The project won three ArchiTeam awards: the 2018 Medal, 2018 Small Project Medal and 2018 Residential Alterations and Additions award.

Richmond, full address available on booking.

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Walk through the apartment, guided by the architect/owner.

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