Jeff Robinson's Weekend favourites

This year the Open House Melbourne community was saddened by the passing of sustainability expert and engineer, Jeff Robinson.

Jeff Robinson was Open House Melbourne’s most ardent supporter and his enthusiasm for all things Open House was infectious. As a member of the 2024 OHM Building Council, Jeff’s knowledge was crucial in ensuring the quality, depth, and relevance of our program. Due to his commitment many remarkable projects feature on this July’s Weekend program.

Jeff had a passion for sustainability, heritage and all things Open House Melbourne. The following captures many of Jeff’s favourites on this year’s program.

Jeff Robinson loved a tour and planned to gain insight into the way Melbourne’s 1956 Olympics shaped the city’s sports precinct on the ARBV’s Architecture of Olympic Boulevard tour.

As a former member of the Heritage Council of Victoria and a member of the Working Heritage Committee of Management, Jeff would recommend visiting Jack’s Magazine, hearing about the Prahran Arcade Façade Conservation and enjoying the Farm Viganò: From Plan to Place tour – a small selection of the heritage highlights on this year’s program.

Jeff had a hand in many university shaping projects, from the University of Melbourne’s Glyn Davis Building  (Melbourne School of Design) and its New Student Precinct to projects at Monash University’s Clayton Campus. His passion for good design would have taken him to Monash University’s Caulfield Campus on this year’s program.

We know Jeff loved Open House Melbourne, but his first love was sustainability. Jeff’s list of sustainability highlights would include Nightingale Preston, Re/discover Royal Park, Today’s new zero waste office fit-out, Zero Carbon Development in the City of Yarra and the adaptive reuse of 500 Bourke Street.

Vale Jeff Robinson

Over many years, Jeff built deep connections with the Open House Melbourne community. We dearly miss his energy and enthusiasm, his big smile and generous personality, and that oh so wonderful accent!

This year, Open House Melbourne is keeping a front row seat in our hearts for Jeff. We will be thinking of him every time the first question gets asked.  He will be with us in spirit on the Weekend and at every one of our signature events – Designing with Country, This is Public, Modern Melbourne and the Heritage Address.

Open House Melbourne is richer for Jeff’s participation and contribution. His passionate advocacy for sustainability, heritage, good design and our programming was joyful and unwavering. Open House Melbourne miss him dearly and remember him fondly – may his passion, energy and enthusiasm live on in our programming.

Jeff's Highlights

Left image: aerial photo of Olympic Boulevard including the MCG, Tennis courts and AIA Centre. Right image: map of Melbourne.
Walking Tour
The Architecture of Olympic Boulevard

Saturday 27 July

Bluestone tunnel entry sits embedded into grassy blast mound.
Open Access
Jack's Magazine

Saturday 27 July

Photograph of a sandy coloured building against a blue sky, with decorative moldings and statues, the name PRAHRAN ARCADE is shown gold painted
Prahran Arcade

Saturday 27 July

(1) Bird's eye view of large building, with brick and white rendered facades and gabled roofs. Building sits atop a green hill.
Site Tour
Farm Viganò: From Plan to Place

Saturday 27 July

View towards the Arts and Cultural Building from the Amphitheatre of the Student Precinct.
Building Tour, Walking Tour
University of Melbourne Student Precinct Project

Saturday 27 July

Photograph of a diverse group of people engaging in a mixture of private study and social interaction, within a library foyer.
Open Access, Building Tour, Talk/Presentation
Monash University Caulfield Campus

Sunday 28 July

A generated visualisation of the western entry of Nightingale Preston. It shows a woman walking into the building with her child, and people sitting on the brick seating at the left, having a discussion.  There are people standing on their balconies and a green grass lawn at the front
Building Tour
Nightingale Preston

Saturday 27 July

Photograph of a still pond with the reflection of the sky. There is a high-rise building and a yellow sculpture in the background.
Walking Tour
Re/discover Royal Park

Saturday 27 July, Sunday 28 July

Horizontal shot of a communal kitchen area with a long table and chairs set in front of cabinetry.
Open Access, Building Tour

Saturday 27 July, Sunday 28 July

(1) Dover Street Zero Carbon Office Building.
Zero Carbon Development in the City of Yarra

Saturday 27 July, Sunday 28 July

External elevation view looking into the ground level and lobby space of 500 Bourke Street. The canopy from the street follows inside the building with the same soffit gridded expression, the core is cladded in stone that lit up.
Building Tour
500 Bourke Street

Saturday 27 July

Talk/Presentation, Open House Melbourne Event
Designing with Country

Tuesday 23 July

(1) Graphic image of bold text aligned to left, reading 'This is Public: Re/Discover Your City' with pink background and small Open House Melbourne logo at the bottom right.
Talk/Presentation, Open House Melbourne Event
This is Public—RE/DISCOVER your City

Thursday 25 July

(1) Image of woman on left wearing teal blouse, and man wearing glasses and green shirt. The pair are leaning over a table looking at imagery in a book, with bookshelves in the background.
Open House Melbourne Event, Film
Modern Melbourne Premiere: Maggie Edmond

Sunday 28 July

Image of a man holding a large camera, the display is mirrored as he is resting atop a reflective surface.
Talk/Presentation, Open House Melbourne Event
Heritage Address: John Gollings

Monday 29 July