Boyd House II

Architect: Robin Boyd 1957

Inner South | R04

Building Description

Boyd House II – Robin Boyd’s greatest domestic architectural experiment – continues to influence contemporary architectural thinking. Visit this mid-century gem in Walsh Street South Yarra to learn about Australia’s most influential architect and how the Robin Boyd Foundation carries forth his pioneering legacy.

Boyd House II or Walsh Street was designed by Robin Boyd for his family in 1957 and is his best known work. It is an exemplar of modernist Australian architecture. The house remains largely unchanged from the time it was first designed and occupied by the Boyd family – a time capsule to the perennially popular mid-century modernist period. Furnished with pieces designed by Boyd’s associates Grant and Mary Featherston, and others, the house provides a unique insight into Melbourne’s design leaders of the 50s and 60s.

Walsh Street is an experimental house, designed to be enjoyed and explored by all who visit, and now the home of the Robin Boyd Foundation. The Foundation maintains and preserves the home and carries forward Boyd’s legacy and commitment to encourage the wider community to understand the benefits of good design. This year the Foundation is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robin Boyd (1919-1971).

South Yarra, full address available on booking

What's On

The home of Australia’s most influential architect Robin Boyd is open for a special tour of this experimental, mid-century modern house. Hear from Boyd Circle and AIA award winning architects as they discuss Boyd’s lasting impact on Australian design and contemporary architect.


South Yarra, full address available on booking, South Yarra VIC

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