Heidelberg Town Hall

Architect: Peck and Kemter and A. C. Leith and Associates

East | E06

Building Description

Open for viewing this year is the spectacular Great Hall, which is the largest and grandest of rooms at what now is called The Centre Ivanhoe. Accessed through three sets of impressive copper double doors, the Great Hall heralds the Art Deco era with its pared back air of sophistication and geometric visual drama. While designed as an auditorium to seat 1000 people, the Great Hall found its groove as the place to be on Saturday nights. In its heyday in the 1950s, over 2000 dancers from all over Melbourne would pack in even though the Health Department regulations only allowed for 800. Since then, The Centre Ivanhoe has entertained dances, weddings, balls, and other community functions. Design features include decorative wall panelling, concealed lighting and flourishes of chrome and marble. On both sides of the dance floor, raised vestibules used for lounge seating and above these sections on the first floor parallel rows of balconettes running from the stage to a rear gallery balcony where the big bands belted out tunes. The stage was extended in the 1980s to make it easier to reach from the main floor by guests but retains its original parquetry flooring.

What's On

Self guided tour of the historic Great Hall.


275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe 3079, Ivanhoe VIC

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