Future Living Systems

Architect: Lendlease, Monash University and University of Sydney 2019

Docklands | D04

Building Description

Representing the capstone of a three year research collaboration between industry and universities, these two 1:1 scale prototypes push the boundaries of building and housing design by offering a technical demonstration of componentised construction that could function as an apartment, an office, a student residence, a hospital room, or more.

Partners: Lendlease, The Future Building Initiative at Monash University, and the University of Sydney have all collaborated on this Research Project.

What's On

Visitors can enter two 1:1 scale prototypes. One explores future living systems in which buildings have the capacity to adapt to and accommodate the changing needs of users and the urban context. The other prototype explores a range of innovative  manufacturing and assembly techniques required to facilitate a componentised approach to housing, building and construction. Visitors will also be able to see drawings and information on the whole research project from start to finish.


Buluk Park, 894-910 Collins Street Victoria Harbour Docklands VIC 3008, Docklands VIC

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